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Max Factor Ruby Fruit – a Chanel Rouge Noir Dupe? – Review and Swatches

Max Factor Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit. The bottles were sealed with sellotape – hate it when they do that!

Chanel’s Rouge Noir nail polish is often considered to be the jewel in the crown of its fabulous polish collection – a vampishly sexy black-red with echoes of velvet, blood and Elvira in a dark alley. Which of course means I had to have it. Imagine, then, how delighted I was to discover using my good friend Google that there exists an uncanny dupe for Rouge Noir in the form of Max Factor Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit!

Both the Chanel original and the Max Factor version apply smoothly without streaks, but I noticed that the Max Factor dried quicker and was more chip resistant. I’ve heard that Chanel polishes don’t wear very well, but as someone who can rarely make nail polish last longer than two days without serious chipping, that’s something I’m used to. So far, though, I’ve applied makeup and been typing away and the Max Factor nail polish has held fast. It’s a snip of the price at £5.99 – that’s more like it!

Max Factor Ruby Fruit

Ruby Fruit, complete with sellotape residue




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Today’s nails: Topshop Hidden Treasure – Peridot dupe? Swatches and photos

I was in John Lewis Oxford Street recently just browsing their lovely new beauty section when I came across the Topshop makeup stand. I’ve never bought anything from the Topshop makeup range but I’ve heard it’s pretty good – so when I saw this nail polish Hidden Treasure I HAD to buy it. It’s a dupe for Chanel’s famous Peridot that I’ve been salivating over since I first saw it.

Topshop Hidden Treasure nail polish

Hidden Treasure (photo from

I… may have even gone over to the Chanel counter to swatch it and compare the two. I couldn’t find much of a difference (maybe the Chanel went on slightly more even, but you can’t tell).

It’s £6 for 8ml, compared to Chanel’s £18 for 13ml. Sold yet?

As for the wear, well, I’m used to nail polish chipping after a day as my nails are super weak – but so far, it seems to be mostly intact. Well done everyone.

See it on my (stubby) nails after the jump.

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