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6 New Year’s beauty resolutions you should be making

Making and breaking New Year’s resolutions is a rite of passage for most of us, but here are some beauty resolutions which are definitely worth incorporating into your daily life! You’ll thank me later…

1. Wash your makeup brushes regularly

picture credit: WikiHow

picture credit: WikiHow

Brushes are your best friend when it comes to putting on makeup, but did you know that they can become a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t clean them regularly? It’s easy to be lazy but when you think about what you’re putting on your face along with the makeup you’re not doing your skin any favours.

Take the time to give them a shampoo in some warm water once a week – baby shampoo or Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap are great for this. Your skin will thank you for it.

2. Don’t go to bed with makeup on

It’s 3am and you’re stumbling into bed after a night out. The last thing you want to do is take off your makeup, right? We’ve all done it, but did you know that sleeping in your makeup can actually cause premature wrinkles? Your pores may also become clogged with makeup, leading to spots and skin problems. Save yourself time by keeping a pack of cleansing wipes for speedy makeup removal after nights out.

3. Find your perfect shade of foundation

No7's Match Made service

No7’s Match Made service

Shopping for foundation is a nightmare. The lighting in shops is so bad that it’s difficult to see if a colour actually matches your skin tone – I’ve certainly had the experience of buying a product only to get it home and find that it’s far too orange! With a product like foundation, it’s worth getting a consultation from someone at a beauty counter to find a colour that matches exactly, and then asking for a sample to try it out at home. There’s nothing stopping you from taking the sample and then finding a cheaper product in the same colour. Pop in to No7 at Boots: they introduced their Match Made service last year, where they measure the colour of your skin with some kind of magical science device and suggest the perfect shade for you. Make sure to look for one with SPF in it, as it’s better for your skin.

4. Try something new

Are you stuck in a makeup rut? When you find a look that works for you, or that you can do easily, it’s tempting to just stick with that and not bother to try anything new. But makeup is an art form, and it’s surprisingly easy to be adventurous with colour, especially since cheaper brands started stepping up their game and producing bright and good quality makeup to rival even the most expensive companies. Start subscribing to some beauty blogs for inspiration – I love Killer Colours, Lisa Eldridge and Linda Hallberg. Brands such as MUA and Sleek, both available from Superdrug, are perfect for experimenting with colours as they’re both superbly cheap – MUA eyeshadows start from just £1.

5. Do your research before you buy

Ever bought makeup only to try it on and find that it’s crap quality? Once I bought a Bourjois mascara which promised the world, only to make me look like I had obese spiders glued to my eyes. Luckily, the internet is here to help. The massive popularity of beauty blogging means that there are numerous reviews and swatches (colour samples) for nearly every product out there, and it’s so helpful if you’re wondering whether or not to buy something. If you’ve got internet on your phone, next time you’re shopping for makeup and find something you’re not sure about, search for “[product name and colour] swatches” to see what it looks like on, or “[product name and colour] review” to see what other people thought about it. It’s saved me from some costly mistakes before! If you haven’t got an internet-capable phone, just make a note of the product you are looking at, and look it up when you get home.

6. Save a fortune by seeking out ‘dupes’dupe-google

When the press starts salivating over a new Chanel nail polish or a revolutionary Clinique lipstick, the average beauty-loving student can only dream of being able to afford such a thing (or risk beans on toast for three weeks). However, for every bank-breaking high-end beauty product, there’s a budget-friendly copy that comes out a couple of months later. The power of the ‘dupe’, as it’s called in the beauty world, should not be underestimated. Did you know that the legendary Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish has an exact copy – at half the price – in the form of Max Factor Nailfinity in Ruby Fruit? Also, last summer’s ‘it’ polish, Chanel Peridot, can be found for £6 as Topshop Hidden Treasure nail polish. Search online for dupes of your favourite expensive products and you might be surprised how cheap you can get them – I’ve got a list on this blog which will hopefully expand as I discover new dupes!



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Here’s what’s coming up in the next few weeks..

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